Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Little Bit of Sunshine

You know how some days you just need a boost...a hug...or a reassurance that there is more to life than work? I have been working non-stop on some projects as well as going through a fierce detox as 11 days ago I embarked on a strict elimination diet (maybe more on that later). I was sitting here thinking that my day couldn't get any more blah...then the mailman came and brought me three lovely packages! What a delightful treat for a rainy Thursday. New music to listen to and vintage supplies to play isn't so bad.

Love and Light


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dressing Up For The Olympics

Hi there!

Recently, I was hired by a lovely local lady to make a dress for her granddaughter to wear to a big fancy party for the 2012 London Olympics. I didn't have to make the pattern this time. It was an existing Vogue pattern...which means it was SUPER easy and didn't take long to make. What a pleasure this job was...and I wanted to show you the progress pictures and the end result because the fabric is really cool. It's the 'Eternal Flame' limited edition Tana Lawn Liberty print from the SS12 Whitworth Collection. The dress is a simple A-line with princess seams...and coupled with a built-in neon green net petticoat, it really looks like a funky 1950s meets 1980s party frock.

I don't like sports, chaos, or crowds so you can bet I will be hiding under a rock during the London Olympics...but I have to say it was really nice to be involved (although in a very non-direct sort of way) in something Olympics related. So, somewhere out there amongst all the Olympics chaos, there will be something I lovingly made by hand being proudly worn by a wonderful young lady. Very sweet.

Love and Light


Monday, 18 June 2012

New Summer Bunting in My Shop

Hi all!

I'm still here and although I haven't posted in a while, I have been very busy working on some exciting projects. At the moment I am juggling two very big illustration is an entire book...and the deadline is looming which is why things have been pretty quiet here at the Live Love Cherish blog.

There's also some exciting things on the pipeline in regards to my work with the Slow Design Movement. I will be posting more about that next month.

In the meantime...I have listed some new lovelies in my SHOP today. I thought some soft, feminine and delicate bunting would be perfect for summer decorating, outdoor parties, weddings, showers, beach huts...or just hung across a breezy, open window. Lazy, dazey, warm summer days are just ahead...full of blue skies, daydreams and lemonade. I can't wait!

Have a marvelous day.

Love and Light

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