Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hello! I hope you like purple because this post is full of it! Every year it's the same thing. About this time in the April I raid the lilac bushes in my garden. This year, however, was something else. The abundance of blossoms was overwhelming. I picked so many lilacs that I could have seriously flowered out the Royal Wedding...or at least opened my own flower shop. And after all my picking (actually Wayne did most of it) I didn't even make a dent. ..there's millions more out there...wafting their sweetness in the warm breeze.

The house is full of lilacs. Every single solitary vase I own is being used. It's almost too much. The house smells like a funeral parlour...or an old lady's knicker drawer...(clean ones of course!)...but I still love it.

I love lilacs. Especially the white ones (which we don't have). Their time with us is so brief...before you know it, they are gone. I can almost say that perhaps lilacs just might possibly be my favorite flower...that is until my roses start to bloom...or the giant sunflowers get super giant...or in late summer when our wildflower garden is in full swing. Is it possible to have a favorite wildflower? There are so many! Do you have a favorite flower? Tell me about it.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bizy Azzz A Bee in the Springtime

Wow...well, it's been a whole three weeks since I posted on my blog and it feels kinda strange poking my head back into BloggyLand. Life just kinda took over and I have been doing lots of mundane practical things that I guess I felt weren't interesting enough to write about...or take pictures of. But's the simple things that make life so here goes.

Springtime is always super busy here while we get the garden ready for planting and all the wee little seeds get lovingly tucked into their little compost beds. We have nearly 2 acres of lawn that needs mowing and lots of things need weeding and cleaning up. The bees are buzzing and the garden is full of butterflies already! Today I saw the most beautiful white and peach colored one...I have never seen this type before...I wonder what kind it was? Our massive compost heap is housing a bumblebee nest and well as many cute little mice that looove to eat rotten vegetables. I don't really like the wasps that enjoy living there too...but they are Mother Nature's creations I 'tolerate' them...even when they dive-bomb at me...eeeeek.

I have been really focusing on healing my body and I have been cooking healthy meals and exercising as well. Meditation, centering and 're-programming' have been top of the priority list. Wayne and I have been sorting and packing and preparing for shipping some of our favorite things...getting ready for our big move Stateside later this year. There is so much involved in a move abroad and the logistics of it are almost all consuming. It's a crazy, emotional time for both of us.

 As well as working on my new website, I have been beavering away on some very special textile projects which will be for sale (soon!) in my shop. I will keep you posted. I'm not sure if I'm going to do Etsy or Big Cartel or ArtFire...any suggestions? Etsy seems like the best bet but I have read some pretty bad stuff about Etsy I'm a bit cautious. So if any of you internet shop veterans happen to be reading and can impart some pearls of wisdom, I'd be most appreciative!

Speaking of Etsy...I went to the most amazing Etsy sponsored craft fair yesterday and bought two new beasties to add to the family. Stay tuned, I will post about it tomorrow.

Big 'Hello Again' hugs to you all!

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