Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Penshurst Place...Is it Haunted?

Could this be the grave of one of the ghosts?

I'm sniffing lavender in case you were wondering...


Apparently this is supposed to be a porcupine.

Dag and me

Lord of the Manor

The Union Jack Garden

Yes it is haunted!
This post is a bit outdated because it was over a week ago that we treated our friend Dagmara to a day out at Penshurst Place (for her birthday) but it's only just now I have had the time to sort out my images from that day. Penshurst Place is a medieval manor house with vast grounds and gardens, built in 1341, located in Kent. They never let you take pictures inside the house which is why all the pics are of the garden...which was beautiful...and magical. We try to go to as many stately homes as possible and oogle over all the old stuff. I get caught up in the romance of it all and can literally transport myself back in time and picture what it must have been like and it gives me butterflies in my stomach. Wayne likes to admire the old furniture and try to guess how much he could get for it on Ebay. We always have a chuckle when we think that the rich, dead aristocracy of these old places must be turning in their graves knowing that now, a few hundred years later, their gorgeous castles are open to the public and crawling with peasants!

I'm not a 'ghosty' person. I do believe in them but I can take them or leave them. I'm not particularly drawn to that kind of stuff and I'm definitely not a medium or psychic or anything. I don't look into whether these places are haunted before I go to them...partly because I don't really care but mostly because I just assume a house that old must have some spirits rattling around in them. I've been to lots of old houses and castles...never saw or felt anything. But Penshurst Place definitely had some 'ghostly' stuff going on...a cold, tingly, angry energy that I felt through to my bones and back up my spine again. Even Wayne felt something (that he described as an electric, buzzing feeling) and he's a total sceptic.  The Tapestry Room and the Nether Room were the worst for me. I felt angry and cold and I couldn't wait to get out of there. There was a painting that I swear was watching me and I kept getting whiffs of woodsmoke and frankincense. Neither Wayne or Dag could smell it. I even asked the lady who worked there if she smelled it and she said no. I asked her if the place was haunted. She said no. Below are the two rooms that I am talking about. I didn't take these pics...I got them off of a Google Image search so I don't know who took them...so apologies for not properly crediting them.

I also want to say that I have dreamt of these rooms...and the long hallways of Penshurst Place...many times over the years...way before I even moved to England. They were always scary dreams...and full of ghosts and evil stuff. I decided to read up on it and it turns out, Penshurst is haunted by many ghosts. Not only that, one of them apparently smells of woodsmoke! I'm certain I was smelling him when I was there. Anyways...if you like ghosts and chilly vibes...go to Penshurst, it's got all of it going on...and wear something warm, it feels like death froze over in there!

The day was truly lovely though. I bought some sweet peanuts and strawberry bons bons in the gift shop and we came home pleasantly tired and had some freshly brewed tea and gluten free chocolate birthday cake with a mocha cream frosting...(I made it)......heeeeee!



Anonymous said...

I cant even begin to tell you how bad I would have wanted to go
as for the heavyness and darkness you feel to me that is haunted, i hsve felt it in two places I have been to that were victorian.
I do Believe thereis evil lurking in so many places

Anonymous said...

What a great post - Thanks for sharing your photos. The gardens are amazing! I have a weakness for lawn paths. And, that architecture - Love it! Very Toad Hall-esque, no?

Adriana Iris said...

gosh this photos are amazing i would love to go there...number one thing to do play the lotto.

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