Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Frida My Love

This same time, every year, I think of Frida Kahlo. This week is especially charged with her special energy because she was born on July 6th and she passed away on July 13th.  Every ounce of my love and appreciation for her and the inspiration she has brought me as an artist has gone into this headpiece.

I also have a friend who I love so dearly who has a birthday sometime about now...(actually I missed it because of work commitments)...who also loves Frida, and big flowers, and red polka dottie things. I made this for her too. Every hand cut and pressed petal that went into this was made with love and intention. My intention is that the wearer, who ever she may be, will be blessed with creative abundance, divine love and Frida magic...forever and ever.

If you think you would like one of these headpieces, I am selling them in my SHOP right now. I can also do custom ones in almost any fabric you like.

Love and Light


1 comment:

Hannah Bird said...

oooh! Didn't see this blog update! Those headpieces are sooooo cooool!
I love it! so different and yummy looking! you're rocking the frida look hun!

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