Monday, 24 January 2011

Garden Birds Behaving Badly

This is a new series of drawings I am working on inspired by what I think the creatures in my garden get up to when I'm not looking. More to come...stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The one with the wrestling mask must be the one that bullies the squirrels away from the food.
I feed my squirrels and birds and when I put peanuts out my fav animal on earth (Ravens) come to visit.
cant wait for you to make more

Gina Lee Bean said...

Thanks!!! Yes...There is definately a pecking order when it comes to the food around here. The squirrels usually bully the small birds, act all tough but when the big crows come to feed they send them all packing!

Adriana Iris said...

what a lovely blog... a new friend and follower.

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