Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Valentine Mobiles and Cards

I love hearts...always have and I can never get enough of them. This year, rather than give cards that will probably eventually get thrown away, I have decided to make them a wee bit more functional.

Since I was a kid I always enjoyed making these dainty paper heart mobiles. Watching them gently turn and twist in a gentle breeze (usually from the radiator) relaxes me...makes me feel all cozy...maybe because they are a wintertime project and usually end up hanging in a window that frames a winter landscape. Usually I make them out of tissue paper but this year I wanted to use the antique atlas index papers that I have lying around. I also have an old London A - Z which came in handy too.

They are quite easy to make. Just cut various shapes of hearts out of a semi-transparent paper. Then with your sewing machine start sewing and gradually add a paper heart as you go along. Be random with them...it looks better when they are all higglety-pigglety. You can use ribbon instead of the actual machine thread too but I have found that they are far more dainty and blowy if you use thread. Then decorate them! Write lovely things on them. Hang them from found objects or simply tape them to the top of a window frame.

Since this is the year of 'Being Your Authentic Self' why not tell my nearest and dearest what it is about their authentic self that I love so much. It's so nice when people remind us that just being 'us' is good. I wish it happened more often.

All my love to All of you!



Adriana Iris said...

i am making these =)

Anonymous said...

I post a heart every day in my husbands office with something I love about him and on my daughters door frame the whole month of February. I like your ides and will do it like you next year.

Cherry Runway said...

Those look so cute!

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