Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I Saved A Bee!

Today when I came home I found a flaked out bee on the bathroom floor. His little legs were all stiff and twitchy...he looked like he was nearly dead.

Rewind about 30 summers ago when I was aged 14 sitting on the porch watching my great aunt Lou do her gardening. Being an avid gardener and a good Christian, Lou loved all of God's creatures, especially the bees. Whenever one was found fizzled out and struggling she would drizzle some honey near it to revive it. Being an angst ridden and bored teenager I probably rolled my eyes, but Lou's method of saving bees must have stuck with me because it's the first thing I thought to do for this little bee. (and little he was...not a honey bee...more likely a solitary mason bee perhaps?...not too sure.)

Anyway, it worked! I put some honey on a butter knife, picked the bee up with it and he immediately started licking it up. Lick, lick, lick...I could see his cute little curly tongue lapping up the honey. Gradually there was movement in his legs, then his body, then his wings...and after about a half hour, he crawled to the window and flew away!

Bye bye Mr. Bee!



Katie Gates said...

How sweet!!! (Like honey...) I was thinking recently about doing a blog post re my relationship with spiders.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Who knew? That's crazy cool! Your great Aunt Lou sounded like a wonderful lady. Glad to hear that you're carrying on her kind hearted bee saving.

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