Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Victorian Cemetery and Church Love

It's a cliche, I know...being an American here in England, oogling the Victorian architecture...but I can't help myself.  No matter how many Victorian churches and cemeteries I see, I never tire of them and I never cease to be amazed at how romantically beautiful and atmospheric they are. All those people, dead for over 100 years, gravestones faded and weathered, loved ones long gone and probably forgotten. It seems so sad, but there is always such a strong presence in Victorian cemeteries that can't be ignored. Perhaps it's because I'm from California and there is nothing this old or ornate there. The really old architecture seen in California is of a Western/Mexican/Pueblo style...very 'Ranchy'...which is beautiful too and gives the perfect backdrop for cactus (which I love). But because I grew up with that, I'm used to it.

European architecture though...simply gorgeous! These photos were taken at Nunhead Cemetery and All Saints Church, both in SE London.


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Anonymous said...

I am a graveyard freak!
there is a name for it too but cant think of it.
there is one in victor, colorado and it is a mess,nd needs reapir so bad. very small town. I always say if i win the lottery i will be hiring paople to fix it. the best standin headtone is actually a wooden one that was carved. blew my mind whle all the brick ones were crumbled and you couldnt read the writing, but the wooden was was as clear as could be.
love the pictures, you lucky girl getting to see all that. I actually wrote fox new to see if they would report on the graves in New Orleans since they are above ground but they didnt.

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