Thursday, 19 April 2012

Making Silk Cherry Blossoms for Springtime Goddesses


While Mother Nature has been busy whipping up thunder storms, pushing tulips out of the ground and peppering the trees outside with gorgeous blossoms, I have been inside all warm and cosy making some blossoms of my own.

These delicate little cherry blossoms have been individually cut, stiffened and pressed from the silk fabric from the sleeves of an old discarded wedding dress. All made up, they are like dainty little ballerinas eagerly waiting in the wing for their grand entry to dance around the heads of beautiful Springtime goddesses.

Love and Light


1 comment:

Carol Anne - ~ Writer ~Creative ~Star-Tripper said...

So beautiful, Gina. There are cherry blossoms on the tree beyond my writer's nest so visiting your blog, and seeing your creations, is timely indeed. :) xx

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