Friday, 17 June 2011

Another Lush Batch of Gluten Free Cupcakes!

The Gluten Free adventure is still on but I have to be honest that I haven't been on it 100% which may explain why I don't feel any different. But I can say one thing...if I eat something with lots of gluten in pizza or a big portion of Fibro symptoms are way worse. I have really noticed it since I have been (mostly) gluten free. Maybe I needed to cheat here and there to kind of test it...I don't know...but I do plan on going at it 100% full throttle very soon. I'm still poring over all the cookbooks I bought and planning meals etc. Will keep you posted.

Meanwhile...will you look at these gorgeous cupcakes! They are chamomile, lemon and courgette with a chamomile/lemon butter cream frosting...and they are gluten free. I made them for a dinner party and everyone there said they tasted better than cupcakes made with wheat flour. They were delicious. The recipe is from THIS amazing book...I highly recommend it.

Have a great weekend!

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