Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Going Nuts Over Porcelain Flowers

 1.Valeria Nascimento  2. Far4  3. John Whitehead  4. MaaP Studio  5. Studio Klimenkoff   6. Elizabeth Prince  7. Melissa Gamwell  8. Source Unknown  9. Source Unknown

I should be working right now but instead I have spent hours trawling the Internet looking at porcelain flowers. I love them. The ornate, delicate white ones make my heart skip a beat. I almost can't bear it. White porcelain just seriously does it for me. I can feel another obsession coming on. How much I wish I knew how to work with ceramics...and wasn't so clumsy handed...I'd love to be able to make some of these. These are just a few I found to be particularly lovely but there are tons more out there waiting to be seen and adored.


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Adriana Iris said...

these are lovely

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