Sunday, 19 June 2011

Summer Wedding Fascinators

Wedding season is here and I have been busy making fascinators. Both of these were made with vintage flowers and bits so they are one-offs....but I have also been very busy making some repro flowers too. I have been studying vintage millinery flower techniques and although I'm still in the experimenting phase, I hope to have some fabulous ones (with a funky, modern twist) made up and in my shop very soon. I'm not really a hat person but I can't seem to resist floral fascinators...or huge flowers in hair! I can probably trace that obsession back to the day I fell in love with Frida Khalo. I spend most days alone in my studio so I never have a reason to put my hair in bunches and festoon it out with huge blossoms, but I am going to a big bridal fair on maybe it will be as good an excuse as any to stick flowers in my hair!



Anonymous said...

They are beautiful
Sell them on etsy!

ArtDecade said...

Beautiful! Guess what! I'm getting married! It won't be for about two years but I'm engaged. It will be a winter wedding, but I'm doing a total diy wedding. Once I figure out what the dress I'm going to make looks like, I think I'm going to have to commission one of these beautiful fascinators!

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